*UPDATE* NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know about G.O.A.T. lodz (2023)

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In NBA 2K23, a big part of the MyCAREER experience is its associated online mode, which gives a created player the opportunity to play in the NBA 2K community.

This year, the online community you'll participate in will be based on the console you own. For next generation users (PS5 or Xbox Series X)Ciudadit will be the online mode you will play. According to the NBA 2K23 announcement below, you'll see The City get their own special reveal next Wednesday, September 7.

updates enabled#NBA2K23until#2KDay pic.twitter.com/KkHcNdG0hR

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However, for those playing on current generation consoles including PS4 and Xbox One, the online neighborhood you'll have exclusive access to is called NBA 2K23.GOAT. lodz'.

All aboard G.O.A.T. Lodz🛳

🐐 Play a new cruise ship with more courts, improved matchmaking and interactive missions. Approaching#NBA2K23current generation

Learn more:https://t.co/ax6ynzTG3I
Before the sale:https://t.co/RQBpvjLMVg pic.twitter.com/xYcbkMgZre

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Just over an hour ago today NBA 2K23 was revealedlatest featureswill present G.O.A.T. Lodz, detailing all the latest perks and aspects to expect in the new game.

For those of you who have played NBA 2K22, the G.O.A.T ship is a similar online representation of the "Cancha Del Mar" cruise ship district, a feature that was very successful in the previous edition of the series.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about G.O.A.T. Lodz in NBA 2K23.

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What is G.O.A.T.? Lodz?

Goat. Boat is the NBA 2K23 online neighborhood for current generation users. In case you didn't know, Neighborhood is an online feature connected to MyCAREER that allows you to upgrade your player in a variety of ways, as well as immerse yourself in various addictive online modes.

For those of you who played NBA 2K22, G.O.A.T. The ship will be its own unique version of what the Cancha Del Mar cruise district used to be, but with so much more to offer. Let's get straight to that in the next section.

NBA 2K23: What's New in GOAT Lodz?

Making its debut on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in NBA 2K23 is G.O.A.T. Lodz and there are plenty of reasons to get excited. A key part of G.O.A.T. Boat has been emphasizing expanding what was offered in its plan last year, Cancha Del Mar.

If you thought Cancha Del Mar was special, you're in for a surprise at G.O.A.T. Ship in NBA 2K23 where the total number of courts to play has been increased while adding gameplay options without waiting to be explored. Let's go over all the details we can expect in this new neighborhood mode.

environmental changes

Although 2K has used Cancha Del Mar as a model, it will be quite different itself with a much more accessible design. Environmental changes come to the fore, including a new roof system. Housing was important to NBA 2K, so more game modes and courts, a more centralized Promenade, and wider corridors to traverse were added.

This is the three-story layout you'd expect to see in G.O.A.T. in NBA 2K23. Łódź.

*UPDATE* NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know about G.O.A.T. lodz (3)

platinum cover:


  • Six 3v3 courts
  • four elevators
  • Two "showers" (server update)
  • Gatorade Training Center

of the

  • Six 2v2 courts
  • three elevators
  • two showers


  • Two 5v5 tracks (one more than last year)
  • two elevators
  • two showers
  • Entrance to the tours
*UPDATE* NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know about G.O.A.T. lodz (4)

Silver Deck: Promenade

  • jordan's challenge
  • REC lounge
  • cages
  • NBA Store, SWAG, Rowe Sporting Goods, Wheels, Doc's, The Paint Tattoo, Partner Stores
  • My team
  • Galleon 1 of 1
  • Most 3 vs 3
  • daily pick'em
  • daily reward
  • two elevators
*UPDATE* NBA 2K23: Everything you need to know about G.O.A.T. lodz (5)

the golden deck

  • up the ante

More ways to have fun

To make this a more balanced and immersive experience, NBA 2K23 went above and beyond to make its matchmaking more seamless with lower wait times, adding modes including no-wait play to match Got Next points. With both modes at your disposal, waiting time will be reduced, also in REC mode.


The hit of last year's edition were the trips that could be made around the world. Well, in NBA 2K23 they bring it back with an added twist and a host of all-new locations in international waters. While the destinations have not been revealed, fans can look forward to a new departure and a new event on board each season.

Additionally, NBA 2K23 will bring many new cosmetic updates and new themed court layouts and logos for 5v5, 3v3, and 2v2.


Missions return to NBA 2K23 in a new version. In Cancha Del Mar in NBA 2K22, you can start various missions with some NPCs around the cruise ship, which appears in the mission log.

This year, however, you'll need to interact with NPCs to initiate missions, and to add to its previous collection of mission options (daily, weekly, and seasonal), NBA 2K23 will introduce Rival Missions. Just as you might think, each rival mission will have its own story, giving you the chance to face off against a rival NCP and enjoy some authentic dialogue.

NBA2K22:court district of the sea

Hesea ​​cuttingcruise was a successful first attempt at what fans would get from G.O.A.T. A ship that will appear in NBA 2K23.

In the cruise line neighborhood of last year, a lot of new things were introduced. But to better understand what NBA 2K23 is made of, we'll go over the key features that were added in last year's installment of the series.


MyCOURT was a really cool feature that gave fans the ability to build and customize their own court. With colorful murals, different court styles, and multiple scoreboards to choose from, MyCOURT was a great way to build your own court, which could be a place where you could improve but be creative at the same time.

seasonal travel

Probably the coolest new feature at Cancha Del Mar last year was the ability to travel to various destinations around the world and visit scenic courts for a trip. By taking these trips, you had the opportunity to earn special rewards and unique experiences that enhanced your progress in MyPLAYER.

Well here's NBA 2K23 bringing it back in its new G.O.A.T. Characteristic boat neighborhood with much more.

Game modes and rewards

The cool element of the neighborhood in NBA 2K22 was the design of the game modes and the rewards that could be obtained for performing simple actions. Each game mode was on a specific ship deck, whether it was 3v3, 2v2, or ProAm. This resulted in a plethora of different games for players to try and explore. And to the delight of many, NBA 2K23 will do the same again.

Also, the rewards you could earn provided a nice boost to your experience. In addition to Daily Spin or Daily Pick Em rewards, you can also earn rewards twice a season by visiting the restaurants on board. Both for the price of an expansion nurturing the player and receiving a reward is a simple but fun way to progress with the player.

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