Unite: explanation of our rebranding (2023)

We are repositioning and will continue under a new name. Here you will find all the information about why we are going to change, what we are doing and when we will do it. Our existing customers can rest assured, you don't have to do a thing. Celebrate the change with us.

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The next step in our transformation.

Over the last 20 years, we have revolutionized the B2B market. We are now combining our company under one brand. We believe that connections create real value and promote a diverse supply chain. Small and medium-sized enterprises will no longer be considered unimportant, but they will help stimulate innovation and strengthen regional economies. We are convinced that we will be able to face this challenge by combining all these needs. We want to combine all the parts for a common goal.

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Unite: explanation of our rebranding (1)

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Unite: explanation of our rebranding (2)

Why join?

In summary: we have surpassed the positioning of Mercateo as a B2B market. As our Unite platform and network solutions grow, it's time to bring them together. All of this means we can better match supply and demand and drive more innovation in the supply chain. This is a win-win situation for suppliers and buyers.

What will change?

To start: our logo is changing. Also, there will be obvious changes, such as email signatures, our social media channels, the name of our buildings and our new website unite.eu, everything related to Unite. In general, you'll notice more color and life in our communications, reflecting our warm and innovative DNA.

Answers to your questions

Here we answer your questions about what will happen, when, and how it might affect you.

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Why change brands?
We chose Unite as our company name because Unite best reflects the spirit and ambitions of the company. As the Unite network has evolved along with our platform solutions that directly connect businesses, we have surpassed Mercateo's positioning as a B2B marketplace. That's why we decided to integrate the Marketplace within the Unite platform. Thanks to this repositioning and rebranding, we will provide users of the Mercateo and Unite platforms with a more consistent brand experience. But it doesn't happen overnight. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.
When will the rebranding take place?
Our rebranding begins on November 30, 2021. We are starting with the launch of our new website and social media accounts. Then we will gradually transition from Mercateo to Unite.

Prior to launch, we will be reaching out to our buyers, suppliers, partners, and other contacts to let them know about the changes.

What differences will I notice?
Our corporate brand is changing from Mercateo to Unite, so you will already notice the change in all our corporate communications and resources. This also applies to our logo. Other obvious changes include our email signatures, social networks, the name of our headquarters and our new website unite.eu where you can find all the information related to our company. You will also see a temporary "Mercateo part of Unite" logo that replaces the old Mercateo logo. We refer to the Mercateo platform as Mercateo Procurement Portal, and Mercateo B2B Marketplace or Mercateo Shop as Spotmarket. In general, you'll see more color and life in our brand language, reflecting our human and creative origins.
What is the meaning behind the new logo?
Our new logo looks like a plus sign made from the letter "U" for Unite. It represents 20 years of experience of our company in connecting buyers and suppliers for mutual benefit. The different ways our platform handles trading may have evolved and expanded, but the fair foundation remains the same.
What is hidden under the new slogan: “Added value. Shared Value"?
We believe that the platform should add value and encourage others to share it. Unite strives to help companies discover new opportunities to create value and foster business relationships that go beyond resources, things and profitability. In this way, companies with a linear revenue model can collaborate with each other and thus operate in a more closed loop.
What stays the same?
Employees. Board. owners We also remain committed to building a neutral platform for fair business.
Will Mercateo continue to be used in the future?
The Mercateo name and logo will continue to be used on the Order Portalmercateo.nlas well as any marketing materials and related services. The Mercateo Marketplace range that can be used through the portal is called Spotmarket.
Are there legal changes?
Yes. Unite Network AG has been converted from a German limited company to a European limited company (SE) to reflect our European position and values. The company is now called Unite Network SE.
Has the ownership structure of the company changed?
From home.
Is the structure of the company changing?
No, the structure of the company will not change.

We only change company names. We transformed Unite Network AG into an SE and unified our business functions under the Unite brand.

What exact business entity names are being changed/converted?
We transformed Unite Network AG into Unite Network SE. Unite Network SE remains a shareholder in all Mercateo business entities across Europe.

In addition, we are changing the name of our German employer company from Mercateo Services GmbH & Co. KG to Unite Services GmbH & Co. KG to create brand consistency for our employees.

Will the names of Mercateo's international subsidiaries be changed?
Renaming of Mercateo Deutschland AG and its international subsidiaries is currently being considered. Regardless of the outcome, the name change will not entail any structural change and, as such, will not affect existing contracts or tax numbers. However, as customers and suppliers need to update the new name in their systems, we will notify them in time if the name changes.
When exactly does the company name change?
Unite Network AG changed to Unite Network SE on September 8, 2021.

Name Mercateo Services GmbH & Co. KG is on November 1, 2021 at Unite Services GmbH & Co. KG changed.

Consideration is being given to changing the names of international subsidiaries, including Merceteo Deutschland AG, before 2022.

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Will an existing NDA or purchase order be updated?
From home.
Has the company number changed?
Yes. The business registration number of Unite Network SE (formerly Unite Network AG) changed on September 8, 2021.

We do not expect other company registration numbers, such as those of subsidiaries, to change.

Have you changed any tax identification number, VAT or DUNS?
NO. All tax identification numbers, VAT numbers, DUNS numbers, etc. they remain unchanged.
Is Unite Network SE the same legal entity as Mercateo Deutschland AG?
NO. Unite Network SE is the sole shareholder of Mercateo Deutschland AG and its subsidiaries.
Are checks, direct debits and standing orders still working?
Yes. Checks, direct debits, and standing orders still work because your payment details, like your account number, haven't changed.
Have your payment details changed?
NO. Your payment details, such as your account number, have not changed.
I currently provide services to Mercateo/Unite, do I need to update my billing information?
NO. However, if you contact Unite Network SE (formerly Unite Network AG) or Unite Services GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Mercateo Services GmbH & Co. KG), you must update the legal name of the payee.
Will the mailing address change?
NO. Our mailing addresses will not change. We will continue working in the same locations.
Is there an update for Unite shared inboxes?
From home.

For technical support, contact us at support@unite.eu

For all purchase order inquiries, both from Spot Market and Unite, please use one of the following email addresses:

SER: service.be@unite.eu
Netherlands: service.nl@unite.eu

Are there updates available for your Mercateo shared inboxes?
NO. Nothing has changed in that.
Do personal email addresses change?
Yes. Starting December 1, 2021, our personal Mercateo email addresses (name@mercateo.com) will change to Unite addresses (name@unite.eu). However, if you use a Mercateo email address, your email will end up in our inbox. You will then receive a response to your Unite email address.
How long will the old personal email addresses continue to work?
For an indefinite period. Until most update our new contact details.
Do the pages change?

All content related to our company will be moved from mercateo.com/corporate to the new website unite.eu.

What stays the same? Mercateo.nl, our online purchasing portal and B2B marketplace URL, with purchasing and supplier pages (mercateo.com/procure) and Mercateo support pages in all our languages.

Are social media channels changing?
Yes. All of our social media accounts are switching from Mercateo Group to Unite.

We will combine LinkedIn Pages from different countries into one Unite account. If you already follow us on social media, you don't need to do anything. Newcomers can find us under the name "Unite" to keep up with our company-wide initiatives and regional market news.

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Our new Unite Twitter account will act as a central information hub. But we will still have our national Unite Twitter accounts so our local followers can always easily reach us.

YouTube will continue to be our central video channel and Mercateo TV will become Unite. We bring together all of our content, our latest movies and podcasts, in one digital hub.

Our other national and thematic social media channels, such as Facebook or XING, can also be found under the new Unite name. Be sure to link the Unite name and logo.

Will all your support and promotional materials change? Where do I get new information?
Ultimately yes. Some of the materials in our solution will be updated immediately, but most of them will still have the old Unite and Mercateo word and visual styles. We update all our promotional and support materials and improve their usability.
Will rebranding change everyday business transactions?
NO. We will continue to uphold our high quality standards when processing transactions for all users of our platform.
Does the change of brand affect your products and services?
Our rebranding allows us to simplify the user journey, products and documentation. This means that we will improve the overall user experience for all of our customers (buyers/suppliers/manufacturers, etc.) and partners.
Will my login details change?
NO. The login details for all Mercateo and Unite Network Portal users remain the same.
Will my account/contract be cancelled?
From home.
Will my account/contract change?
From home.
Are there any steps I need to take to coincide with the rebranding?
From home.
Will I get a new contract?
No, existing contracts are still valid.
Do I still need two different accounts (and logins) for Unite Network Portal and Mercateo directory management?
Yes. Your account login details will not change, you can use them as before.

This also applies to third party applications and software (for example, FTP programs) that you use to access the platform to upload directories and other files.

Can I still register on mercateo.com for free?
Will BusinessShops and catalog management remain the same?
Yes, the process remains the same.
Do I need to update any of the following: Tax ID numbers, VAT or DUNS numbers?
NO. All tax identification numbers, VAT numbers, DUNS numbers, etc. they remain unchanged.
I have configured "Mercateo" as a provider in my ERP system. Do I need to create a new provider?
NO. Mercateo subsidiaries, including Mercateo Deutschland AG, remain your supplier. All tax identification numbers, VAT numbers, DUNS numbers, etc. they remain unchanged.
Do I need to update any of the following: Tax ID numbers, VAT or DUNS numbers?
NO. All tax identification numbers, VAT numbers, DUNS numbers, etc. they remain unchanged.

Do you have any specific questions about the rebrand?

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