Too Early 2024 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: TreVeyon Henderson, Caleb Williams highlight talent - Roto Street Journal (2023)


After load diveDynasty Rookie Class of 2023I thought I'd take a look at the Dynasty 2024 rookie class, which is also packed with fantastic quarterbacks. If you're looking to turn around or rebuild your Dynasty League, the 2024 draft picks are much easier to come by and will only gain value next year. So, with all that said, here's a much-too-early mock draft of the 2024 Dynasty rookie (that's sure to change in the next couple of college football seasons).

This mock dynasty design is based on the 12-team SuperFlex league.

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Too Early 2024 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: TreVeyon Henderson, Caleb Williams highlight talent - Roto Street Journal (1)

Trust me, I'm not an Ohio State homer like CJay, but another Ohio State player is in my 1.01following in the footsteps of CJ Stroud. Henderson was the #1 RB candidate in historyclass of 2021y is the consensus of RB1 indevy communityBeforerobinson sesameIJahmyra Gibbsa. A true rookie last season, Henderson moved Robinson into the top 10 in yards per advantage.

Treyveon Henderson showed speed off the track (10.93 100m in the HS)

— MC (@abukari)April 8, 2022

The rising sophomore burst onto the scene last season, displaying both the ability to take in and lead behind the scenes. In one of the most electrifying offenses in college football, Henderson will continue to provide elite-level production and should be a finalist for the Doak Walker Award this season.

Statistics 2021:1,248 rushing yards, 15TD, 6.8 av; 27 REC, 312 REC, 4TD

Prop Awards:1265.5 rushing yards


Williams followed head coach Lincoln Riley to the West Coast after he stole the QB1 job from Oklahoma.Spencer's Rattlesnakein the 2021 season. Williams displayed some instant Konami coding ability by breaking up a 66-yard rushing touchdown run on his first play as a true freshman. Along with his quick lead, Williams has shown phenomenal manual talent and now has one of the best wide receiving rooms in college football withmario williamsIjordana addisona. williams is presentthird place in Heisman coursesna sezon 2022.

Statistics 2021:64.5 cmp%, 1912 yards, 21 TD, 4 INT; 442 rushing yards, 6 TDs, 5.6 avg

Prop Awards:3190.5 passing yards


These two shots paint a perfect picture of Quinn Ewers at this stage in her career.#HookEm

— Blocked on Longhorns (@LockedOnHorns)August 17, 2022

This was the toughest pick in the entire test draft. It was hard to pick a quarterback who didn't have a significant jump in college football, but Ewers was the first quarterback to hit a perfect 1.0000 mark sincevince youngand was recognized as a generational talent during his three-year stint at Southlake Carroll High School.

After receiving a bag from Ohio's NIL, Ewers finally wants Texas to go back to its glory days. WITHXavier the Worthywith a wide receiver and Bijan Robinson at the back line, Ewers has one of the most successful offenses in college football. This may be a pick I look back on and face, but I think Ewers will prove his worth this season and should be a top contender for the 2024 NFL Draft.


Xavier Worthy REFUSED to fight 😤

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)September 25, 2021

Xavier Worthy did everything expected of a freshman last season. At a breakthrough age of 18, Worthy was the Longhorns' No. 1 choice last season. Worthy broke six freshman records and was awarded a true freshman by All-American.Professional soccer,I247 Sport. With Ewers now in charge of Texas' offense, Worthy should see increased production and continue his dominance over the next two seasons.

Statistics 2021:62 rec., 981 rec., 12 TD

Prop Awards:1178.5 receiving yards


Brock Bowers en 2021:

▫️888 receiving yards

Most by P5 TE since 2018 🐶

— PFF College (@PFF_College)April 11, 2022

Bowers is very excited for this class in 2024. As a true freshman, Bowers had one of the best seasons in the SEC. Bowers was named SEC Freshman of the Year, won a national championship, was named All-SEC First Team, and added a second-team All-American. Bowers put up ridiculous numbers on the first attack, is extremely athletic, and is now being rated as a player.kyle pits-light. With two seasons remaining to qualify for the draft, Bowers is giving himself the chance to be the next tight end draft pick in the NFL's top 10 draft.

Statistics 2021:56 rec., 882 rec., 13 TD

Prop Awards:814.5 receiving yards (HAMMER!!!!)


Braelon Allen rushed for over 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns in 11 games last

—Kevin (@Daboys_22)June 12, 2022

Another Wisconsin downhill rider? Save me. At 6'2″ and 238 pounds, Allen has a great physique for being a throwback in the NFL. During his first season, Allen provided elite production with the ball in his hands.scouts labelAllen as a brutish, hard-hitting runner with a beefy build. Wisconsin has produced three NFL RB1s in the last decade and if he gets in the right place, Allen could be fourth. If Allen can further develop his pass-catching skills, the sky's the limit for that prospect.

Statistics 2021:1,268 rushing yards, 12 TDs, 6.8 av; 8 recs, 39 recs

Prop Awards:1328.5 rushing yards


Like Caleb Williams, Mario Williams decided to transfer to USC this fall with Lincoln Riley. Williams will be behindjordana addisonain the target room this year, but he'll be a great second option for the Trojans. During his first season at Oklahoma, Williams played a supporting role.Marvina Mimsabut the promise shone when he was on the field. Williams was the fourth wide in the 2021 class and his relationship with the point guard should only improve.

Statistics 2021:35 rec., 380 rec., 4 TD


Marvin Harrison Jr.... CAKES

— Ian Hartitz (@Ihartitz)August 11, 2022

The son of one of the best wingers to ever play the game, Harrison Jr. was buried behind some of the best takers in college football last season. Harrison has it all. He has an NFL ready infield, accurate trail running, excellent ball skills andelite speedmatch. During the Rose Bowl, Harrison Jr. punted for three touchdowns against Utah. With one more season with CJ Stroud and another to grow, he has the potential to be a WR1 in his class.

Statistics 2021:11 rec., 139 rec., 3TD



— Reserve Rare Time Used (@seldomusedres)July 13, 2022

I worry about Shipley as an NFL prospect, but after one season with Clemson, he showed he can play at a higher level. With the Clemson quarterback situation up in the air, the Tigers will have to trust Shipley and company to perform at a high level. Shipley needs to fill out his frame a bit more, but at the back he has great vision and speed to break up long runs. If the Tigers start using Shipley in the receiving game, his value will continue to rise.

2021 stats: 739 rushing yards, 11 TDs, average. 5.0; 16d, 116d


What a trap by Emeka Egbuki 😲

— ESPN College Football (@ESPNFCB)January 1, 2022

Ohio State just saw two wide receivers selected in the first round of the NFL Draftgarrett wilsonIChris Olaveand it may be possible again in 2024. The Buckeyes still have a packed party room with Smith-Njigba, Harrison Jr. and a former five-star recruitJuliana Fleminga, which means the competition for Stroud's targets will be fierce. A true rookie, Egbuka was a great comeback and averaged 21.2 receiving yards on limited plays. HeNo. 1 WR in the class of 2021he should be a first-round pick in the 2024 rookie draft.

Statistics 2021:9 rec, 191 rec


See#Devasthe guys are already interested in Raheim Sanders, but I'll say this...

If there's one college player who could be the next Deebo Samuel, it's him.

— Fusue📈 (@DevyEusuf)23 listopada 2021 r

As one of my favorite programmers said, Sanders could be next.deebo samuel. In high school, Sanders played both wide receiver and running back and was extremely explosive. Sanders has the prototypical frame of an NFL running back at 6'2″ and 225 pounds and has the ability to be a next-level three-back.

In his first season, he showed his ability to break big runs and get past tier-two defenders. Sanders needs to improve his production a bit over the next two seasons in Fayetteville to catch up with his overall RB2.

Statistics 2021:578 rushing yards, 5TDs, average. 5.1; 11 dc, 109 dc 1 TD



Jacorey Brooks breaks this game up with a touchdown!#Cincinnati #Alabama #CFBPlayoff

— Línea lateral CFB (@SidelineCFB)December 31, 2021

Ja'Corey Brooks has a frame (6'3″, 190 lbs) that is ready to fill out for the NFL. buried behindJuan Metchie IIIIjameson williams, Brooks was rarely seen on the field as a freshman. But during his limited action, Brooks was able to make big plays for the Crimson Tide in the episode when his name was called out. The second is most likelyyoung bryceOption #1 afterJoJo Earlehe suffered a broken foot during the offseason. With the framework, talent and goals available, Brooks is poised for a great sophomore season.

Statistics 2021:15 rec., 192 rec., 2 TD


  • Donovan Edwards (RB, Míchigan)
  • Jaxson Dart (field marshal, Ole Miss)
  • Tyler Buchner (Marshal de Campo, Notre Dame)
  • Troy Franklin (WR, Oregon)
  • Michael Trigg (TE, Ole Miss)
  • Salón Agiye (UK, Texas)
  • JoJo Earle (UK, Alabama)
  • Camar Wheaton (RB, SMU)

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