Task for online discussion "Cabaret". (2023)


Post a 50-150 word reaction to the movie "Cabaret". Post until Tuesday 6.11, but the sooner the better!! ;)). Avoid repeating stories. Name in English at the top.

1) What are your personal reactions to the film?

  1. What do you think this movie is about?
  2. Did any specific passage impress you?
  3. What is good and bad about the movie?
  4. What problems does the film raise?
  5. How does the movie relate to your life?
  6. How does the film relate to current events?
  7. The above are just some examples/suggestions. Don't just do this; think of yours too.

2) Ask a question about the video.

3) Choose one of your classmates' questions and answer it.

  1. 1. A great film that explores various aspects of German life in 1932, such as homosexuality and the rise of the Nazi party. "Cabaret" is not quite fun and bright; there is no happy ending, and its adult themes (even I, as a young adult, am not mature enough to fully understand them) include corruption, sexual ambiguity, false dreams, and hedonism that rank it as one of the most influential films of all time. 1970s
    The movie is much nicer for Brian than it is for Sally. Uniformed Nazis float in the background of the plot, an ominous harbinger of impending evil. Sparkling Sally tries to put them out of her mind as she performs on stage. We never see how Sally was affected by the growing movement in Germany. Instead, she is portrayed as a runaway too shallow to care, which is both sad and hilarious.
    "Cabaret" is a film to which it is difficult to react. I was able to admire the cinematography, sets, props, period costumes, and quirky makeup. And the editing of the videos is absolutely beautiful. But the visual and musical tone is unrelentingly downbeat and gloomy, but appropriate given the political climate. Despair seems to be the underlying message. A film about ordinary people clinging to the good times in the face of impending cultural collapse.

    2. What does Sally mean when she says "Max knows how to spoil a girl?"



  2. Language

    What an immortal masterpiece! The splendor of Cabaret music lies in its narrative properties. This movie somehow reminds me of the movie A Clockwork Orange, and its age is quite similar. Maybe it's because they both use an absurd way of expressing themselves: sexuality seethes with provocative violence. Both are hilarious, surreal, wacky, and scary at the same time. All the musical performances in the film are eye-catching. I can't help but imagine how wonderful it would be to be in that golden age, to sit on Broadway like this and experience it. Typically, romance stories like this would leave viewers with emotions that are more sweet than bitter and perhaps a fair amount of anticipation. However, if you've ever finished Cabaret, you know there wasn't a Disney-style ending for anyone. The film looks down just before the ubiquitous Nazi atrocities, then the crowd immediately senses what is about to happen. Extraordinary finish, sharp and strong!

    Do you think that money and fame trump everything? If you only had one choice, would you prefer true love or money and fame?

    What does Sally mean when she says "Max knows how to spoil a girl?"
    A: I think he's trying to imply that Max knows how to make a girl lose herself.



  3. lynn

    (Video) Coronavirus cabaret: the online show combating social isolation

    1) The song Cabaret is used in this video to introduce this story. At first the man says no problem so don't worry about anything. The Nazi Party is not yet occupying Germany at this time. Everything looks beautiful, but it is not. The movie revolves around sex, alcohol, money and problems. Each story is accompanied by a satirical musical. I think this story is very funny but true. I think maybe it will have a happy ending, but the situation suddenly became dire. At the end of the movie, the man is still singing the same song, but society has already changed. This expressiveness amazes me. In the last scene, there were a lot of Nazi parties in the audience, which was impressive.

    2) Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?

    3) Do you think that money and fame trump everything? If you only had one choice, would you prefer true love or money and fame?

    In my opinion, money and fame can't beat everything. They are not omnipotent. It is a difficult choice. I mean true love is powerful, it's better than anything else. Actually, if I'm too hungry to die, I'll choose money and fame.



  4. Luis
    Some of my classmates complained that the movie was horrible, boring, and they got nothing out of it. They started ringing the phone and talking to each other. Disrespect. Admittedly though, this one was boring. To understand the movie, you need to have some knowledge. This was in Weimar, Germany, so the background noise on the radio was actually talking about the rise of the Nazi Party in German. And when a dead communist appeared on the screen, we also saw some police officers, WWI veterans and citizens. How do they look? Don't worry. Like a volcano. You can't see anything outside the volcano, but inside it the lava burns like hellfire. And here is another thing. Few people found out that Brian was gay. He is stupid. Because there was already enough evidence that he was gay. (By the way, it's lucky he managed to escape before the Nazis took over all of Germany because the Nazis hate homosexuality.) So the movie was basically about gays, friendship, suffering, Nazis and real life.

    Would you join the Nazi Party?

    Q: Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?
    A: She still dreamed of being a famous star. She was not satisfied with a quiet, normal and boring life with Brian in the UK. She wanted to be someone great. So she put up with any man who looked down on her. She was tough but also stupid. I think we can see her future because the Nazis hate art and entertainment.



  5. agnieszka
    1) What are your personal reactions to the film?
    Compared to Song in the Rain, Cabaret is a different musical movie. Cabaret uses songs to tell what comes next. For example, when Sally first met Max, she sang a song about money with the host of the Kit Kat Club. This is pretty special. In the end, even though Sally didn't go with Brian, I think it's a happy ending because Sally can do whatever she wants instead of being forced to be a housewife.

    2) Do you think Sally really loves Brian or is she just staying with him for fun?

    3) Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?
    She is not preparing well for the role of mother. She still wants to pursue her dream. Also, I think another reason is that she's not sure that Brian still loves her. As they lie on the honey, Brain seems nervous about responding to Sally. This is another reason why Sally is leaning towards an abortion.



  6. jason
    Unlike the upbeat musical Singin' in the Rain, this musical
    The cabaret is about the gradual influence of the Nazis on people.
    Germany through terror and nationalism. The heroes of the story.
    This is what I find most interesting in the film, mainly because it is not about every one of them.
    they had problems and conflicts about their status and their dreams, but also about how
    his thoughts and actions were influenced by the rise of Nazism. Besides,
    Another thing that I love about the movie is the use of a musical throughout the movie.
    movie, and it's not just used at one point for the dramatic expression of the character
    emotions or to drive the plot forward, Cabaret used it as an allusion or a satire
    Situations the characters are currently in, such as Maybe This
    Time and tomorrow belong to me.
    This movie focuses on how Germany gradually changed
    the Nazis and this was shown in the film in many scenes to indicate
    changes. From the beginning, the Nazis were seen as minor nuisances.
    lurks in German society, and most are not really conducive
    their ideology, as exemplified by the scene in which one of the Nazis was present
    taken from the cabaret However, as the action progressed, we began to notice
    more and more Nazis started showing up and all sorts of things, one
    The terrifying influence of the Nazis is beginning to change people's attitudes towards certain things.
    an issue like race that hindered Natalia and Fritz's romance
    Fritz's fear of losing all the respect of his own society for an uprising
    I hate Jews. After the movie passed the middle part, even more Nazis.
    the influences were shown in the musical part of Tomorrow Belongs to Me
    Which young Nazi invokes the nationalism of another German and if you could see
    made a satire of German thoughts on anti-Semitism that is also planted
    for them. The end of this video ended with the driver saying goodbye to his
    audience and leave the stage, but an interesting twist is when the camera
    we began to move silently towards the reflected mirror, we began to
    he saw that the entire audience were members of the Nazis, symbolizing the total control of the Nazis

    Why did Sally decide to have an abortion without telling Brian?

    3. Q: Do you think money and fame trump everything? If you only had one choice, would you prefer true love or money and fame?

    A: To be honest, I personally don't think it's wise to prioritize money and fame as the only goal to pursue, mainly due to the obvious fact that not everything in the world can be traded for both, and it's better to pursue aiming first. to someone else's luck instead of these two; If I had to choose between money and fame, I would definitely choose money, because I'd rather live like a nobody with millions of dollars than someone without a penny.



    (Video) Why Should I Wake Up? | Cabaret. Isherwood. Fascism.

    • alex yu

      1) The darkness of Cabaret is extended to the viewer through amazing cinematography, dialogue with double entendres underneath, and especially the Cabaret performances. The host plays the lead role in the film, and the performances often mirror a sequence that occurred before the show; or announce upcoming events. The themes that caught my attention in Kabaret are actually way ahead of their time: sexual perspectives, racial conflict, and alcoholism. The movie was extremely wicked and full of black comedy, but for some more conservative viewers it may come across as bizarre and ridiculous. I liked how the director skillfully turned controversial and sensitive issues into a musical. I've always found old movies crude, boring, and monotonous, but watching this gem was an eye-opening experience.

      2) Why does the movie deal with themes like sex, alcohol and cigarettes? How do these things affect Sally?

      3) Q: Do you think money and fame trump everything? If you only had one choice, would you prefer true love or money and fame?

      A: In my opinion, money certainly affects life on a large scale, so yes, money is crucial in life. Fame, however, can be quite embarrassing, success in my chosen profession will be more important than fame. If I only had one option, it would be true love and a simple life.



  7. 1) The film at the beginning gives me a strange feeling, because the cabaret always appears for no reason; however, his appearance represents irony and satire on events that occurred in society. I was very impressed by the plot of the cabaret, in which a play about love between a human and a chimpanzee is performed; however, the series portrays Jews persecuted by the Nazis outside of the real world that actually happened. The film uses a dramatic and joyful way of showing the sad and funny events in a cabaret with entertainment so that people do not consider these tragedies as unfortunate disasters, but feel joyful and relaxed sitting at the tables of the cabaret.
    2) If you were Sally, which man would you choose, a rich man who is already married or a poor man who really loves you?
    3) Q: Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?
    A: Sally decides to have an abortion so I think there are two possible reasons for her. One thing is obvious, she still wants to be a superstar; however, the child will become an obstacle for her to fulfill her dream. I think another reason is that she couldn't identify exactly who the real father of the baby was, so she doesn't want to leave too many doubts in her life.



  8. jerez
    I felt sad after watching this movie. At first the ballroom was full of joy and the audience was interested in the show. All of them are dressed in beautiful dresses. But in the end, we can't see an audience outside of the Nazis. I think it's because these rich people are Jewish and they all fled abroad or were killed that we only have to see serious Nazi officers and no other audience. I think the film wanted to tell us about a tragedy that happened in history, and hoped that we would not repeat the same mistakes and that the effort of the old people in the fight for equality would be lost again in the hands of some people.

    If you were Fritz, would you tell Natalia that you are Jewish to win love, or to hide your identity and betray Natalia?

    Q: Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?
    A: I think she decided to have an abortion because she feels he can't give the child anything, neither good care nor a true father. In addition, she also discovered that her love was not perfect. Her boyfriend doesn't really love him, he is more responsible with her. For various reasons, she decided to have an abortion, she started a new life, she left the past, including her boyfriend.



  9. 1) The movie was amazing to me. The dancing and music were very contagious. It's a great musical. Among them was the landscape of Berlin, the epitome of Nazi politics and the specter of annihilation in drunkenness, wine, and laughter. The changes in Sally's life represent the whirlwind of time, she is ready to sell herself for money and lust, she is mired in the vanity of greed and finally finds herself empty.
    2) Why doesn't Sally want to have a baby?
    3) If you were Sally, would you go to London with Roberts?



  10. Shantel
    This movie is very special. The story is about Sally's life. Her life is crazy, magical and fun. The most interesting thing about this movie is that when the story reaches a turning point, the cabaret shows the same. It shows a strong connection that life is really like a cabaret. This is probably why the film "Cabaret" was made.
    Sally is stubborn. The environment creates her personality. Her father is busy with her, so he doesn't have enough time to take care of her. Therefore, she Sally tries to prove to herself that she is worthy of attention. She wants to be a star. She wants to reach a higher social level. She is superficial but insecure and wants to be loved.
    I don't think Sally is the only one with a personal problem. Everyone in this movie has their own personal issues. One of the reasons is that ours appears. It's passion and paranoia. They believe that their faith will lead them to a better world. People who don't trust Nasi must go into hiding. I think Nasi is not just a historical background, but also a metaphor for the human mind. Strong faith sometimes drives people crazy.
    Do you think that the environment has a great influence on Sally? Or was she just born like this?
    Why did Sally finally decide to have an abortion?
    A: Sally finally decided to have an abortion. I think the first reason was that she wanted to buy her dream. Second, she wanted to let Brian go because she realized that she and Brian lived in this world.


    (Video) Ep3: FULL DANCE - Cabaret


  11. kelvin
    Honestly, this movie is scary, but it also shows that people in those days needed a place like this to relax and escape from reality. Cabaret is the best place to forget your problems, as the MC said. In the movie, I personally don't think any character is good except Brian, but I don't think he's a good character either. Sally is a girl who accidentally falls in love with Brian, a British English teacher, however Sally eventually leaves him, even though Brian has accepted her, she continues to induce an abortion and returns to the cabaret. In the final scene, we see some Nazis sitting in the audience and the movie ends. Based on background information, we understand that the Nazis shut down the entire Cabaret at that time, so the final scene could also be a metaphor for the end of Cabaret. There is an art that marked me a lot. MC plays a play where he falls in love with a monkey and other people don't understand. In the last line of the song, she sings "But if you saw her through my eyes, she wouldn't look Jewish at all." enormous discrimination against the Jew saying that even a monkey is better than a Jew. In the atmosphere of Germany at the time, Jews are considered subhuman and must be completely eliminated. what a scary time

    Do you think Sally loves Brian? Or maybe she just needs a guy for a partner?

    Q: Do you think environment has a big influence on Sally? Or was she just born like this?
    I think Sally was influenced by the environment, in these kinds of places people just have fun and don't really believe in reality. they believe that money is everything and that "money makes the world go round". Only fame and fortune become what matters to Sally.



  12. judy chen

    When I think of Sally's stage characterization, her performance in the movie
    Cabaret, costumes of performers, songs and hosts; The movie Cabaret absolutely makes me dizzy. On the other hand, I can't imagine the crazy and illogical act that Sally actually does; I don't realize that Sally has feelings for Brain, but for a star, she also has sex with Max; I can't understand how Sally can afford such a ridiculous life.
    Also, surprisingly, I really enjoyed the great songs and cabaret performances. After watching the movie Cabaret it's hard to understand, but for me. But I thought that this movie must have a deep meaning that I want to express because I found out that the background of the movie is for Jews and Nazis. Every appearance of the Cabaret host seems to influence the process that Sally went through. What's more, although Cabaret is a musical, the ending doesn't impress either.

    2) What do you think of Sally's life?

    3) Do you think Sally really loves Brian or is she just staying with him for fun?
    I think Sally loves the Brain.
    Sally is originally there to fulfill her dream of becoming a star and therefore having sex with Max. Subsequently, she becomes pregnant but she does not know which is the true father of the baby, Brain or Max. Brain wants to marry Sally. So Sally really falls for Brain and wants to be with Brian to live a normal life. However, Brain is actually gay. He gradually acts uninterested in Sally, which causes Sally to decide to have an abortion. Disappointingly, Sally stopped being with Brain and turned to cabaret to pursue her life as a star.



  13. riley chen
    1. It is a very complex movie that I have never seen before. Actually, I don't like this movie very much because it brings up some dark aspects of life. In a way, this movie is kind of sad to see Sally not protect herself from her and still let her life get ruined. Maybe she in this environment she can't control or change everything, because most people live against themselves.
    2. If you were Sally, would you choose to have an abortion? Because?
    3. I answer Judy's question.
    Q: What do you think of Sally's life?
    A: Although Sally is an attractive and innocent woman, I don't think she has a clear direction in her life and doesn't know what she's doing.



  14. jack ma
    A strong patriotic feeling came over me when I heard a young boy scout start to sing, and then the atmosphere became contagious to attract more and more people to follow the boy scout, which turned out to be brainwashed to convince the majority of the German population belong to the Nazi party. I must admit that this way of getting people's attention was really helpful. Surely she could attract and seduce people to accompany her and command as the biggest and strongest support in everything, however, when an innocent civilian wakes up, the end of judgment for the Nazis will become their final fate. People were easily seduced and deceived; however, on the other hand, humans have been one of the strongest and most fundamental building blocks that have built and maintained human civilization to date. One day when you love people, congratulations, you are lucky to have divine powers. However, once people hated you, you will undoubtedly have a hard time from then on.

    Why do all the artists in the Cabaret club have to put on so much makeup all over their bodies? Also, posing so many inappropriate gestures, like being in a strip club where they have sex and sell drugs?

    What does Sally mean when she says "Max knows how to spoil a girl?"
    Max was like a noble gentleman. This meant that he was good at putting girls in a good mood and he used many ways to surprise girls. Like sending gifts, shopping for jewelry, and making surprises to set a vacation plan and have it all done before the ladies know it. Simply, in short, he knew how to make girls happy and surprise ladies as the wandering ladybug gradually fell into the pointed and precious snow-white trap.



    (Video) Stop Beginning Your Speeches with Good Morning and Thank You and Start with This Instead

  15. vicky
    After watching "Cabaret", I have the impression that this may be the most incomprehensible part of a musical movie I've seen so far, especially the political plot part. I think this movie is a tragedy of love.
    The movie begins with a song and dance and ends with a song and dance. It also contains many political metaphors.
    In the movie, the clowns sing and dance, inviting everyone to the party in the ballroom. One way to understand is to tell people that there is a lot of incomplete life in real life. Only in the ballroom can you get drunk and dream of escaping from reality.
    After the clown left, the stage lights were dimmed, the camera was pushed towards the audience, and behind the glass cover, everyone's faces were blurred, but the "D" bracelets of some organizations were particularly conspicuous. .
    The frame freezes, the credits roll, and the entire movie ends. The unique design is in the process of being captioned. There is no background music at all. I don't know if there is a metaphor. As a musical film, it ends in silence. It's really cool.

    When you have a bad life and you are frustrated, what method do you choose to relieve stress? Or like the plot of the movie?

    Do you think Sally loves Brian? Or maybe she just needs a guy for a partner?
    I think Sally loves Brian.
    Brain is actually gay and Sally decides to have an abortion. I think Sally wants him to be happy in her life and she doesn't care about her life.



  16. Lew
    Unlike another musical, Singing in the Rain, which we saw a few weeks ago, this movie is very different. We can see "Singing in the Rain" in a very relaxing way, but in the case of "Cabaret" we can't have that mood, because besides the main plot of this movie, we can also find that during the movie, the Nazis are influencing and gradually taking over this country.

    Even though Sally and Brian broke up towards the end, I feel a bit bummed out, but I really want to focus on another couple, Natalia and Fritz. During the Weimar Republic, the Nazis already have a lot of power, using patriotism to brainwash and control this country, telling the citizens that the Germans are the best and the Jews are the ones who impoverish the country. For this reason, most people in Germany strongly dislike Jews, and since both Natalia and Fritz are Jewish, continuing to live in Germany puts their lives in grave danger.

    If you were Natalia and Fritz, would you plan to stay in Germany or find a way to leave the country?

    If you were Sally, would you choose to have an abortion? Because?
    If I were Sally, I wouldn't have had an abortion. Although, as Sally said, they didn't have the money to raise this child. However, life is life, abortion is seen as inhumane and irresponsible. I think I'll find a better paying job or give the baby to someone who can raise it.



  17. Alicia Wang
    (1) It is an ironic film. The lyrics of the music are used to ironize about the Jews and praise the Nazis. Who you are is important. Ethnicity is a status symbol. We see that power is important. We don't see hope, but we do see the negativity of society in this film. It is full of blood and sex. Let the audience scare.

    (2) If you were a Jew, what would you be like?

    (3) If you were Natalia and Fritz, would you plan to stay in Germany or find a way to leave the country?
    Yes, I will use all means to leave Germany because I want to live with my lover forever.



  18. Alexander Chen
    This film is about this homosexuality and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany in 1932. Brain is homosexual and does not know how to live in this society. Sally is a single woman who wants to meet and marry a rich man. In this movie, I felt sorry for Brain because I think he has a very hard time surviving in this traditional German society of 1932. Also, I thought that Sally used him, she only met him to lessen his feelings of grief. That's why I thought Sally didn't really love him.
    If you were Sally, would you choose to have an abortion or would you give birth and raise a child?
    Q: Do you think Sally loves Brian? Or maybe she just needs a guy for a partner?
    A: I don't think Sally loves Brian because I think Sally is lonely and wants someone to be with her.



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How can you describe the performance of a cabaret? ›

Cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment which features music, dance, song and/or drama. A Cabaret Artist is someone who creates a performance for an audience using one or several of these methods. The sky's the limit with a cabaret act. You can create a cabaret performance about absolutely anything.

What is the lesson of cabaret? ›

“The issues it addresses in the lives of the characters are things that we're dealing with right now — racial profiling, inclusiveness, fear of the other,” said McNicholls. “These are the themes that Cabaret talks about. It's set in a different time, but make no mistake, it is about the lives we are living right now.”

How many songs should be in a cabaret? ›

The obvious difference is that in a cabaret an actor will have between six and twelve full length songs to demonstrate their vocal abilities rather than sixteen bars. However, the goal should be the same—picking songs that establish vocal authority, utilize dynamics, and demonstrate vocal limits.

What is an example sentence for cabaret? ›

Helen made a successful career in cabaret. He was just starting to become known on the cabaret circuit. Peter and I also did a cabaret at the Corn Exchange. He followed her to Paris, where he began singing in bars and cabarets.

What are the key features of cabaret? ›

Cabaret is a form of entertainment that originated in France in the late 19th century; it includes a variety of acts such as singing, dancing, comedy, and theatre, with a Master of Ceremonies or Emcee acting as the host.

What does MC stand for in cabaret? ›

The club's Master of Ceremonies, or Emcee, together with the cabaret girls and waiters, warm up the audience ("Willkommen").

What vocal ranges for cabaret? ›

Vocal Range – Low A flat to High F – Alto/ Mezzo. She earns money by offering favours to sailors – presentation of the character should exhibit a strong sexual comfort and commanding nature. Comfortable with stage movement. Age Range – 20s 30s to 40s.

What is the difference between cabaret dance and item song? ›

While the origins of cabaret can be traced to 1880s Paris, the item song was born on hindi film sets. Unlike the original cabaret acts, item songs do not have any intellectual pretensions.

What style of dance is cabaret? ›

Cabaret is often characterized by telling a story or dancing a theme using theater arts demonstrating lifts of a flyer by a base, while integrating types of dance such as ballroom, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, jazz, etc.

Why is cabaret called cabaret? ›

Roots in Europe. In France, the word "cabaret" initially referred to any business serving liquor. However, the history of cabaret culture began in 1881 with the opening of Le Chat Noir in the Monmartre district of Paris. It was an informal saloon where poets, artists and composers could share ideas and compositions.

Why is it called cabaret? ›

The word “cabaret” means “small room”.

The French borrowed the term from the Dutch. An intimate venue is typical of this art form, allowing artists to interact with the audience.

What are 5 examples of sentence? ›

Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

Is cabaret still a thing? ›

Since the late 19th century, cabarets have grown in popularity and spread to all 4 corners of this wonderful world. But enough about Paris. Today, London is the epicentre for all things cabaret.

What's the difference between cabaret and burlesque? ›

If you want to enjoy some cocktails with your friends and get a few laughs, a quality cabaret show will not disappoint. On the other hand, if you prefer to watch exotic dancing and admire its subtle erotic elements, burlesque is the way to go.

What is cabaret dress code? ›

The cabaret dress code is usually fancier than in other venues. Feel free to have a bit of fun and dress to impress. Generally, elegant casual wear is required. Jackets and ties are recommended for men. Shorts, Bermuda shorts, flip-flops, sportswear, and trainers are forbidden.

What is the most iconic cabaret? ›

The Moulin Rouge Paris is the most famous cabaret show in Paris, known worldwide. Its funky red building dominating Boulevard de Clichy, in the Pigalle neighborhood, is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.

How do you describe a musical performance? ›

musical performance, step in the musical process during which musical ideas are realized and transmitted to a listener. In Western music, performance is most commonly viewed as an interpretive art, though it is not always merely that. Performers to some degree determine aspects of any music they play.

How do you describe a theatrical performance? ›

A theatrical performance refers to a live play performance by actors in front of the audiences.

What is the description of musical performance? ›

Musical performance is an organized presentation of musical sounds (and, arguably, controlled silences), usually for the entertainment, edification, or enrichment of listeners.

How do you describe a theater performance? ›

Such a work is presented to an audience at a particular time and place by live performers, who use either themselves or inanimate figures, such as puppets, as the medium of presentation. A theatrical production can be either dramatic or nondramatic, depending upon the activity presented.

What are 5 words to describe music? ›

List of Adjectives for Music
27 more rows

What word might describe a great performance? ›

synonyms for great performance

On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to great performance, such as: accomplishment, achievement, centerpiece, chef-d'oeuvre, creation, and culinary masterpiece.

What are the four elements of a musical performance? ›

Musical theater is a combo of four essential elements: songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.

What is an example sentence for theatrical performance? ›

Examples of theatrical performance

It is common to every theatrical performance, every jamboree and every concert. It is time to stop this theatrical performance. The amendment draws no distinction between the various types of theatrical performance.

How do you write a good play review? ›

Try to give a brief description of the story. Outline the important themes and issues of the play. You should also discuss the director's interpretation of the play and how the style and form of the play communicates the play's themes. Describe and analyse the characters.

What is a word for a dramatic performance? ›

Some common synonyms of theatrical are dramatic, histrionic, and melodramatic.

What best describes musical play? ›

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

What are the examples of musical performance? ›

Musical performance may refer to:
  • Audition.
  • Concert, the performance of multiple pieces by an ensemble or soloist. ...
  • Musical composition, and the interpretation by performers. ...
  • Musical technique.

What are the four ways of describing theatre? ›

There are four basic theatrical forms either defined, implied, or derived by or from Aristotle: Tragedy; Comedy; Melodrama; and Drama.

How do you describe the performers? ›

A performer is an entertainer like an actor, musician, circus performer, magician, dancer, or singer that creatively expresses their artistic talent to an audience. They perform before live audiences and/or for television and film.


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