NHL mock draft: Connor Bedard to Blackhawks as we pick for each lottery team (2023)

Lottery balls that decidechicagowill get the number 1 pick, most likely Connor Bedard, wNHL 2023 ProjectIt's officially a mock draft season.Atléticocompany staffNHLthe writers participated in this exercise by making the first 16 selections in the draft order. I submitted my comment and looked up the opinions of some NHL scouts.


The 2023 NHL Entry Draft will take place in Nashville on June 28-29.

1. Blackhawks de Chicago: Connor Bedard, C, Regina (WHL)

The Blackhawks certainly didn't have to think too hard about how they were going to replacepatrick kaneIjonathan toewson and off the ice. Bedard may not immediately elevate the Blackhawks to Stanley Cup contendership, but he pushes them in the right direction faster and gives them the marketing element they desperately need. As soon as Bedard's name is called during the draft, 98 jerseys will go where there used to be 19 and 88 jerseys. And like Kane and Toews as rookies, Bedard comes to Chicago just as expectations have waned in recent years. No doubt fans will pack the United Center to see Bedard's talent, but he will have time to adjust and grow. Bedard is an important piece of CEO Kyle Davidson's rebuild, but there are other pieces to be made. This could be an ideal situation for Bedard to enter a big market, but he, too, will be patient.—Scott Powers

The Chicago Blackhawks entered on Monday#NHLDrafta lottery 11.5 percent chance of being drawn as the No. 1 at the end of the regular season in the next-to-last spot.

Now they have a chance at a potential re-franchise candidate, Connor Bedard.https://t.co/6YhaPcKQwM

— Atlético NHL (@TheAthleticNHL)9 May 2023 r

2.anaheim ducks: Adam Fantilli, C, Michigan

In 2005, the Ducks took over.Bobby'ego Ryanaas the second pick in the draft after losing to Pittsburgh in the lottery and being watchedpenguinsTo takeSidneya Crosby'ego. Ryan gave Anaheim four straight 30-goal seasons and was a fan favorite for six seasons, but his impact can't compare to the legacy Crosby left behind, not just in Pittsburgh, but throughout the NHL. If we see this as a consolation prize for Anaheim after hitting the lottery again, they'll certainly be hoping Fantilli is more of a game changer who could be a fixture in the franchise for the next decade or more. He's not a Bedard, but he's the size (they need more),a lot of skill and a high level of competence. Anaheim had previously done well with a freshman winning the Hobey Baker Award as the best NCAA hockey player. If Fantilli has a career like Paul Kariya's (injuries aside), the Ducks can handle him.—Eric Stephens

3.columbus blue jackets: Will Smith, centro, EE. UU. Sub-18 (NTDP)

If the draft goes according to Bedard-Fantill's expectations, the intrigue arguably begins with No. 3, and it helps that Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen isn't afraid of breaking convention.Will Smithhe was late to the draft committee and was closely watched by the Blue Jackets as he had a great U-18 tournament. Yes, we know Leo Carlsson is on the board, but Smith makes elite plays at speed. The Jackets will have to wait at least a year while Smith heads to Boston College next fall.—Aaron Portzline

4.San Jose Sharks: Matvei Michkov, RW, Ska St. Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The message from Sharks' rookie CEO Mike Grier has consistently been that he wants to make the trade as soon as possible, but he also doesn't want to skip steps, he wants to have the right players in place and he doesn't want to rush everything. for short-term profit. This election could be a real test for both sides of his plan. Michkov is the best player available. He may be a pivotal offensive talent, but the Sharks may have towait three years for it. Leo Carlsson could also be a great player and should have come to San Jose a year or two earlier. The Sharks probably won't be good next year, and maybe not for two years. If Michkov can beCirilo Kaprizov/Nikita KucherovBreak the game of the double tier and join the squad when the club is ready to compete again... isn't it worth the wait?—Corey Masisak

5.Montreal Canadians: Leo Carlsson, C, Orebro (SWEDEN)

Canadiens CEO Kent Hughes, moments after learning his team would sit tight and take the No. 5 pick in the 2023 NHL draft, was asked what his organization values ​​in terms of the draft. “We certainly value the meaning and character of hockey. These are the two that will keep showing up all the time," Hughes began. "The competition is another."


In short, Hughes was describing Leo Carlsson, although he left out the size, the ability to play in two directions and the incredible ability in his game, whether in the center or on the flank.

after addingJuraj Slavkowski1 pick in last year's draft and traded forkirby roofA few minutes later, the arrival of the 6-foot-3,200 Carlsson to the organization gives the Canadiens the makings of an impressive front line with two players less known for their height but with great ability in shooting.nick suzukiICole'a Caufielda.— Harpoon Basu

6.coyotes de arizona: David Reinbacher, D, Kloten (SZWAJCARIA)

The Coyotes have a unique position in this year's draft as the only team with two picks in the first half of the first round. This also positions them as one of the teams most likely to have a defender near the top of the draft, especially after using top forward picks Logan Cooley, Conor Geekie and Dylan Guenther in recent years. They go first with the defender, knowing that this project is deep in attack and that Reinbacher is the best candidate for the job, not the other way around and risking losing Reinbacher.— by Scott Wheeler

7.Philadelphia Flyers: Zach Benson, LW, Winnipeg (WHL)

More than anything else, the Flyers need to add items to their system with the most potential. They have to deal big blows to players who, if things go wrong, can become stars. Benson may be small, but his high-level puck prowess is undeniable, and he has the spark and creativity the Philadelphia forward desperately needs right now. Dalibor Dvorsky would be a solid, safe option here (and fill a big organizational need at center), as would Ryan Leonard to a lesser extent. But if (interim) GM Daniel Briere wants to add a possible break, Benson is the player available here who best fits the bill, even if his risk profile is slightly higher than some of the other forwards available.—Charlie O'Connor

8. Washington Capitals: Dalibor Dvorsky, C, AIK (SWEDEN-2)

After being drafted in the late stages of the first round (or later) for the past eight years, the Caps finally had an opportunity to add anticipated top-tier talent to a pool of potential candidates that is lacking in this department. This is something they can't miss, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a safe decision on Dvorsky, a 6-foot, 1,201-pound center from Slovakia who finished the season No. 3 in Scouting's Central European rankings. skater behind Leo Carlsson and Matvei Michkov. Even with the prospects of Connor McMichael and Hendrix Lapierre knocking on the door in Washington, good teams can never be too deep. Dvorsky is a talented quarterback with exceptional puck skills and a high hockey IQ who could be ready to compete for a role in Washington's middle six in a few years. (He has a contract for the next season with AIK of the Swedish second division HockeyAllsvenskan).—Tarik El-Bashir

9.detroit red wings: Ryan Leonard, OR, EE. UU. Sub-18 (NTDP)

While the Red Wings are rebuilding, they still need top scorers, and ideally one who can play to a bit of an advantage. This is Leonard do T, fresh off a 51-goal campaign for the US National Team Development Program, which recently included the Golden Goal at the Under 18 World Cup. Leonard isn't as big as a Typical power forward, but he's solid, and with his precise touch, he can be a multi-dimensional right end in the top half of Detroit's lineup.—Max Bultman

10Blues San Luis: Oliver Moore, C, EE. UU. Sub-18 (NTDP)

The Blues have strengthened their lineupJordan KyrouIRobert Thomas, and with Moore they will have much more. The 5-foot-11 center is considered the best skater in the draft, and this tag makes him even more attractive because he's the speed in a game situation, both in his edge work and straight-line speed. Moore also enjoys chasing pucks, imposing his will on the game and often making a difference. For the past two seasons, he played in the American developmental program, where he was on the second line and second power play unit. He has linked up with the University of Minnesota, where he will be teammates with Blues prospect Jimmy Snuggerud next season. Moore and Snuggerud could also be teammates in St. Louis, and if so, the Blues could look to a future with Thomas and Moore at center for years to come.—Jeremy Rutherford

11canucks de vancouver: Axel Sandin Pellikka, D, Skelleftea Jr. (SZWECJA-JR.)

Our initial impression is that the Canucks would rather have a defender with a first-round pick. David Reinbacher seems to be the top prize from Vancouver's perspective, so it's hard for him to have come here before. Sandin Pellikka, however, has been hailed as the next best defender in the class and is also right-handed.


Sandin Pellikka is slightly smaller and offensively oriented, so he's not a perfect stylistic match for Vancouver. At this point, I wonder if the Canucks would change their priorities and drop a few spots to attack other defensemen, or if they would switch gears and take the best player available, even if he's a winger.

For now, we'll assume they'll stick to the right side of their blue line, and from that perspective, there's no doubt that Sandin Pellikka is an exciting prospect. —Harmana Dayala

12. Coyotes de Arizona: Gabe Perrault, OR, EE. UU. Sub-18 (NTDP)

That was tough because if the project continues as it is, I would imagine the Coyotes would be interested in any of Perreault, another NTDP product to emulate, and potentially play Cooley, UConn forward Matthew Wood, whose size and contact Los Pointers would be similar to last year's selection of Conor Geekie and Brayden Yager, a player favorite and the most likely of the three to play center long-term after Wood moved from center to wing this season. Perreault is probably the most rakish of the three and the furthest along in his development path, but they're more likely to think they can afford it, and they can certainly play a waiting game if he needs two or three years in college to get strong. .— by Scott Wheeler

13buffalo sabers: Matthew Wood, OR, UConn (H-ESTE)

I think the Sabers would prefer one of the top two tanks in the draft to still be available here, but if they both go I don't think they'd be that desperate for a D prospect (see:Rasmus Dahlin,owen's power). They edited the centers Matthew Savoie and Noah Ostlund with the first two selections in 2022 (and with the arrival ofthompson labelas 1C). You can never have too many wingers who can put the puck in the net and Wood would team up with young players like Jiri Kulich andQuinna Jacketas players who call it their forte.— by Scott Wheeler

14. Pittsburgh Penguins: Nate Danielson, C, Brandon (WHL)

The Penguins are in the early stages of searching for a new GM. They plan to have this man or woman take his place in the NHL Entry Draft, and the new GM will certainly have the ability to make the final call for this pick.

Still, this is pure speculation about what this GM will value in the long run.

However, Danielson would seem to intercept if he were available to the Penguins at No. 14. He's a right shooter with the size and two-way play that should translate well to the top level of hockey after a bit of experience. The Penguins craved a #3 center to play with older stars Sidney Crosby andJewgienij Malkin— and while Danielson probably wouldn't have arrived in Pittsburgh in time to capitalize on the best of this co-franchise's last glorious years, he could help bring about change in all the situations every franchise craves.—RobRossi

15. Predators z Nashville: Brayden Yager, C, Moose Jaw (WHL)

Once considered a top 10 contender in this draft, ThepredatorsLean on the inside, they're thrilled that Yager, the natural center, ranks 15th. Barry Trotz will mainly want to isolate his depth on the inside (they've got Philip Tomasino,Juuso Como Parsin,luke the evangelist, Zach L'Heureux and others coming up on the wing) and Yager, the NHL's committed two-way play, skill and release could help fill a needed position.— by Scott Wheeler

sixteen.calgary flames: Colby Barlow, LW, Owen Sound (OHL)

The Flames get incredible value by taking Colby Barlow 16. He's a scorer, an effective mid-season player and can be used on power plays and penalties. His shot is rated high-end and he has a high level of proficiency. His skill set seems pretty similar to another Flames contender who debuted later in the year: Matthew Coronato.


The Flames could use some help on defense. But with the available talent up front in this draft class, the Flames can't afford to see a player like Barlow drop below 16. The Flames' offense desperately needs more momentum, and Barlow would take care of that.—Julian McKenzie

pronman audit

The biggest question that comes inNHL 2023 Projectsays: Where is Matvei Michkov going?AtléticoCorey Masisak answered this question at the beginning of this exercise, and while I support this decision, I'm not sure that's the case on draft day. I feel a lot of caution in the industry about using very high picks on Michkov. However, a takeover by Carlsson would be a bold move by Grier's management group.

The Scouts and I agree that Benson in seventh place is probably too high. As excellent as he was in juniors, I have my reservations about the average 5-foot-9 forward ranking seventh; this would be contrary to typical recruiting trends.

I don't know where, but I'm pretty sure Samuel Honzek would be in the top 16 on draft day. More and more scouts have been suggesting to me lately that he's a top 10 candidate, not one who's going to be close to 20.

Finally, we can see how much Michkov's decision changes the course of the project. If that pick is Carlsson, suddenly Reinbacher might not make it to Arizona and lose the premium defense prospect they need.

NHL Scout Audit

Not surprisingly, the selection of No. 4 Matvei Michkov for San Jose is something scouts have mixed opinions about. One called the pick a "home run, with a slight edge on the ice between him and Bedard", while others felt it was too high and thought it would go much later. Michkov's situation is the biggest debate in this NHL draft, with public opinion and NHL staff divided. Discussions with league sources today have shared one-sided views ranging from "Slim chance of him making top 10 picks" to "There's no reality that Smith is a better hockey player."

Several scouts felt that Colby Barlow should have gone higher. Some also thought Oliver Moore had too many 10s. Most thought his teammate Gabe Perreault would probably win on draft day. Some scouts also felt that Zach Benson in seventh was too tall.

(Illustration: Sean Reilly /Atlético; (Image: Jaime Crawford, Dennis Pajot, Dale Preston/Getty Images)

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