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NBA 2K23 is the latest installment in the iconic basketball video game series and brings a ton of new features and gameplay enhancements. The in-game MyPlayer option, which allows players to design their own basketball player and advance through the league to become an NBA superstar, is one of the most exciting features. However, to develop a dominant player, you need to choose the right structure, which can be quite a challenge for novice players. In this post, we're going to give you a comprehensive overview of the best MyPlayer settings in NBA 2K23 so you can rule the court.

guard point

Because he is responsible for directing the attack and setting up teammates for scoring opportunities, the playmaker is generally considered the team captain. This build presents a varied threat on the court due to its strong combination of shooting, handling and playing skills.

Heguard pointOrganize the attack and assign your teammates as the team's main quarterback and quarterback. The best quarterback setup in NBA 2K23 is the Playmaking Shot Maker, which gives you the perfect combination of gameplay and scoring. With this setup, you can accurately pass your teammates to effortlessly dodge opponents and land your own shots.

To create a shooting game wizard, you need to choose shooting and playmaking attributes as the primary focus and direction and finishing as secondary. Your height should be around 6'3" to 6'6" and your weight should be between 180 and 200 pounds. The wingspan should be set to the default or slightly less, as this will increase your shooting ability.


  • Ball Handling: 95

  • Step precision: 90

  • Number: 86

  • Layouts and Mattes: 85

  • Defense: 70

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Shooting guard

The shooter is often responsible for scoring outside the paint, either via three-point shots or mid-range jump shots. This build can take his own shots and pose a threat from a distance thanks to his excellent aiming and ball handling abilities.

Heshooting guardhe serves as the team's secondary scorer and is responsible for making his own dribbling shots and converting outside jumpers. The Pure Sharpshooter model in NBA 2K23 is the ultimate shooting kit as it focuses solely on shooting and can shoot from anywhere on the floor.

To create a true sniper, you need to choose shooting as your primary focus and creating plays, driving, and finishing as secondary. His height should be around 6'4" to 6'8" and his weight should be between 175 and 195 pounds. The wingspan should be the default or slightly larger, as this will increase the range of your shot and make it harder for defenders to challenge your shots.


  • Number: 95

  • Ball handling: 88

  • Layouts and Mattes: 85

  • Defense: 70

  • Step precision: 75

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Small constructions ahead

small strikerthey are flexible athletes who can play a variety of positions and possess offensive and defensive skills. This setup presents a threat from all areas of the court due to its combination of shooting, ball handling and finishing skills.

A versatile player, the forward can play both inside and out, contributing to all aspects of the game. A two-way finisher who provides a balanced mix of scoring, defense, and rebounding talent is the best small forward build in NBA 2K23.

To create a two-way shooter, you must choose to defend, drive, and finish off as your primary objective, and pick and shoot as your secondary objective. Your height should be around 6'7" to 6'9" and your weight should be between 210 and 230 pounds. The wingspan should be set to default or slightly larger as it will increase your defensive abilities and allow you to collect more rebounds.


  • Number: 88

  • Ball Handling: 80

  • Layouts and Mattes: 90

  • Defense: 75

  • Rebounds: 70

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Building a power forward

usually in basketballpower forwardthe position is responsible for providing rebounds and scoring near the basket. In NBA 2K23, a powerful build for this position is called the Paint Beast. This setup focuses on dominating the inside field through strong defense, rebounding, and close range scoring. To achieve this, players need to equip their character with specific badges like the Rise Up, Rebound Chaser, Pogo Stick, and Anchor.

It is important to note that this build has a weakness for sniping, so attempting mid-range or long-range shots is not recommended. The character should stick to the game near the basket both offensively and defensively.

To create the best paintable beast possible, we suggest setting your character's height at 6'11", weight at 248 lbs, and wingspan at 7'7". The body shape can be adjusted to personal preferences. For acquisitions, we recommend selecting Intimidation Paint as the primary acquisition and Future Preview as the secondary acquisition.

When it comes to attributes and stats, it's important to prioritize high-skill close range finishing, lead layups, driving dunks, standing dunks, and post control. When taking long shots, three-pointers and free throws should be low. Playmaking must be characterized by passing accuracy, ball handling and speed with a ball rating of 70 or higher. Defense and Rebounding attributes must include high marks in Inside Defense, Perimeter Defense, Steal, Block, Offensive Rebounding, and Defensive Rebounding. Finally, when it comes to physical attributes, priority should be given to speed, acceleration, strength, verticality, and stamina.

Construction of the Center

Mid is usually the tallest and most dominant player on the team, responsible for rim protection, rebounding, and paint scoring. In NBA 2K23, the best middle setup is Two-Way Stretch Five. The Two-Way Stretch Five setup combines dominant defensive and rebounding skills with strong shooting abilities, making it a versatile and effective mid position setup.

To create a Two-Way Stretch Five, you must choose to defend and shoot as the primary objective and collect and create plays as the secondary objective. Your height should be around 7'0" to 7'3" and your weight should be between 250 and 290 pounds. The wingspan should be the default or slightly larger, as this will increase your defensive and rebounding abilities, as well as your shooting range.

Choosing a build that suits both your playstyle and team requirements is crucial overall. Think about the position you want to play, the skills you want to work on, and the type of player you want to be while you're there. Try various configurations to find out which one works best for you. Don't be afraid to change your settings as you play and gain experience.

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tips and tricks

Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies to keep in mind when building MyPlayer in NBA 2K23:

Know your play style:Think about what kind of player you want to be on the court before creating your MyPlayer. Do you want to be a quarterback, a tenacious defender, or a formidable shooter? With this information, you can choose the appropriate compilation and distribution of attributes.

Balance your attributes:To be effective at both ends of the field, the number of players must be balanced, despite the temptation to take full advantage of certain features. For example, a player who can score goals and play well in defense will be valued more than someone who can only score goals.

Redeem Badges:Badges can have a huge impact on how effective your player is on the pitch. Be sure to choose badges that suit your play style and make the most of them during your matches.

practice and get better:Creating a great MyPlayer takes time and practice. Use practice drills and practice games to improve your skills and earn VC to improve your player.

Play with your team:Basketball is a team sport and to be successful it is important to work with your teammates. Focus on setting screens, passing the ball and defending well to help your team win games.

Overall, NBA 2K23 requires a combination of skill, strategy, and practice to become a solid MyPlayer. You'll soon be dominating the court if you keep these tips in mind when designing and training your player.

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Focusing on improving a player's abilities and traits is just as important as choosing the perfect build. Use skill points carefully, focusing on the areas where you can improve or want to shine. And don't forget to train and hone your skills on the court in both competitive and instructional formats.


NBA 2K23 offers many customization options for MyPlayer, but choosing the perfect settings can make all the difference in how you perform on the court. There is a setup that can allow you to dominate your position and lead your team to success, whether you play point guard, shooter, forward, power forward, or center.

You can create a MyPlayer that reflects your playstyle and has the skills and talents to compete at the highest levels of the game by following the tips and instructions in this tutorial. So go ahead and show your courage to the world!

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