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NBA 2K23 has finally landed on all platforms and now is your chance to show off your in-game skills. In our guide today, we'll walk you through how to pull off exciting jumps and impress your fans.


It has state-of-the-art and enhanced gaming features that make playing basketball even more fun. It is compatible with PlayStation. The graphics are incredibly accurate, allowing you to see the player's sweaty body and the movement of his clothing as he moves.

Amazing effects have been added to make it look incredibly realistic. NBA 2k23 will allow you to enjoy fantastic and dynamic gameplay.

key takeaways

  • jumpingin NBA 2K23 participatesjumping in the airone secondholding the balland they are one of the game strategies of the game.
  • Somebest jump shootersthey are in the gameStephen Curry, Kyle Lowry, LaMelo Ball, Darius Garland, De'Aaron Fox, Cole Anthony y Clyde Drexler.
  • Every playerit has different background/base, release 1 and 2, release speed, hash and stats. Each player's jump shot has its own shot.unique attributes and requirements,such as height and launch velocity.
  • tone adjustmentis a feature of NBA 2k23 that allows players todesign your own shotsbased on their physical properties.
  • To access the jump wizard, go to"My Player"in the game menu, then select"Animation" and "Jumpshot Wizard".
  • Hefour main customization settingsson Lower/Primary, Upper Release 1, Upper Release 2 y Release Speed ​​and Mix.
  • lower/primarydefines the angle of the body of the shot and can be adjusted with a series of animations.
  • top version 1 and top version 2they are both high-end options, and players should try both to see which one suits them best.
  • Release rate and mixingspecify the speed and percentage of launches and should be carefully selected based on the main mod settings.
  • power-ups likeGatorade 10xshock pack can increase aplayer Stamina,and training can also be helpful.

The best jump shots in NBA 2K23

Since its release, NBA 2k23 has gained notoriety. If you're one of those players who isn't sure what the best jump shots are against their opponents, you're in luck because we've got you covered. This guide covers all the best NBA 2K23 jump shots that are always green.

By reading this article, you will be able to better understand the techniques that will help you improve your games. When you play well on the court, everyone will watch you. For this, you need to focus on the smaller details of the jump shots.buildhave the best and most effective.

Let's start now.

How to perform jumps?

This term may already be familiar to those who play basketball and sports games like NBA 2k23. However, we will explain it to help newbies. The player takes a jump shot by jumping into the air while holding the ball.

This is one of the strategies of the game, such as bank shots, free throws, etc. The jump shot gives you more control over your shot and is a great way to gain an advantage over your opponent. It also depends on some parameters like estimate and angle.

The best jumps in the game.

Stephen Curry

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (1)
  • lower/primary: Stephen Curry
  • 1st edition: Oskar Robertson
  • 2nd edition: Matt Thomas
  • Release rate:brands
  • Mix:Oskar 48% a Mate 52%

This build will give you some impressive stats: A+ in height and cast speed, defense resistance: A- and effect over time: A-. You must be at least 6'1″ for this.

Kyle'a Lowry'ego

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (2)
  • lower/primary: Kyle'a Lowry'ego
  • 1st edition: Stephen Curry
  • 2nd edition: Trae Young
  • Release rate:100%
  • mixing: Stephen 90% y Trae 10%

This attribute for a jump shot is launch height: A-, defense resistance: A+, launch speed: A+, and timing effect: C+. Kyle is a solid choice for those who love higher jumps.

apple ball

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (3)
  • lower/primary: Bal Melo
  • 1st edition: Stephen Curry
  • Problem 2:bring young
  • deceleration speed: does
  • Mix:Stefan 90% yo 10%

Shooting attributes include Cast Height: A+, Defense Resistance: A+, Cast Speed: A+, and Time to Impact: C-. It works very well if you are an expert in fast pitches.

Dario's Garland

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (4)
  • Lower/Primary:Dario's Garland
  • 1st edition: Stephen Curry
  • Problem 2:bring young
  • deceleration speed: 100%
  • mixing: Stephen 42% y Trae 58%

These jump shot stats are launch height: C+, Def. Resistance: A+, Release Rate: A+ and Impact Time: A-. Designed for players under 6'5″ tall.

De'Aron Fox

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (5)
  • lower/primary: De'Aron Fox
  • 1st edition: Ish Smith
  • 2nd edition: Trae Young
  • Release rate:100%
  • mixing: Ish 76% i Trae 24%

The stats we achieve are launch height: C, def. Resistance: A+, release speed: A+ and effect over time: B-.

colonel antonio

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (6)
  • Lower/Primary:colonel antonio
  • 1st edition: Dario Garland
  • 2nd edition: Stephen Curry
  • deceleration speed: does
  • mixing: Darius 61% y Stefan 39%

It consists of Casting Height: D+, Defensive Resistance: A+, Casting Speed: A+, and Time to Hit: C. Cole Anthony is also considered the fastest.

Clyde'a Drexlera

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (7)
  • lower/primary: Clyde Drexler
  • 1st edition: Oskar Robertson
  • 2nd edition: Zeke Nanji
  • deceleration speed: 75%
  • mixing: Oskar 100% y Zeke 0%

The attributes are Cast Height: A, Defense Resistance: A+, Cast Speed: A, and Time Effect: A-. Clyde Drexler will surely give you green windows. Covers an increase from 6.5 to 6.10.

Jump customization

Players don't give a lot of importance to jump customization options. You heard it right; in NBA 2k23 you can design your shots just like in previous iterations. You can make some modifications according to your physical characteristics.

If the two of you work together, you will make everyone incredibly stronger. So keep that in mind when preparing your jump.

Modification steps

Best Jump Shots in NBA 2K23 [Complete Guide] - VeryAli Gaming (8)

The ideal way to get the best setups for jump shots is to create them. The creation process involves specific procedures: Open NBA 2k23, go to "menu" and select "MY PLAYER" from the options on the top bar.

The next step is to click on "Animation" and then go to the screenshot wizard. The following 4 options will appear on the screen: Bottom/Basic, Top Release 1, Top Release 2, and Flex & Release Speed.

These settings, briefly discussed above, are the main factors in designing the best jump shots in NBA 2k23.


When taking jump shots, the base determines the angle of the body. You can choose between many animations. It all comes down to personal preference, but you need to make a wise decision as it can make a world of difference.

Top number 1 and 2

In NBA 2k23, there are two animations for Top Shots, called Top Shot 1 and Top Shot 2. While both are great to use, you need to check each one out first. Therefore, you can choose the option that suits you best.

Release rate and mixing

As the name suggests, the launch speed of the ball is governed by the launch speed of the speedball, as the name suggests, it depends on the launch speed of the ball. Since the highest speed is always needed, it is recommended to keep it at maximum.

The percentage of your shots is displayed with the second function. For ease of use, the bar should be set to 50%. Stats are cast height, speed, defense resistance, and effect over time. According to the main mod settings, they are all different.

Since everyone has a different set of stats, you have to be careful when choosing.

Boosters and Training Tips

You have to buy boosters because they are a great source of energy. This allows you to play very well, increasing your stamina and allowing you to play longer. The best is the Gatorade 10x shake pack. In addition, it is also worth going to a training, because it can be really useful.


Finally, we would like to say that we have done our best to bring you the most prominent guide to the best jump shots in NBA 2k23. This article was written to facilitate his work and we hope we have achieved our goal.

You don't need to browse through different websites to get the content you are interested in, because we have covered almost everything related to it in this article. Providing you with fast and reliable service has always been our priority.

If you liked our work and used it, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Stay tuned and we'll be back with more amazing guides.

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